What Is Uncommon Miami?



Uncommon Miami has been conceived as a rental residential development that will serve the demanding student housing needs in the area around the University of Miami, which is now largely absorbed in the surrounding single-family neighborhoods. Conveniently located on Red Road and one block west of UM's campus, Uncommon Miami offers internal, full-service amenities, including courtyards and semi-public spaces to create a self-contained sense of community for its residents. With fully internalized structured parking and a private access service road, the project addresses many of the challenges currently experienced in the area regarding vehicle parking and congestion. For the pedestrian, Uncommon Miami provides beautifully landscaped “greenways” on all three streets, which will also serve as an outdoor amenity to the surrounding neighborhoods. 

Due to a shortage in student housing, University of Miami students often live a car ride away, but Uncommon Miami's close proximity to campus offers a student lifestyle that provides non-vehicular options to get to campus, such as walking or biking; thereby eliminating the need for students to find on-campus parking.  

The developer, CA Ventures, is known for creating efficient, extraordinary living experiences for students who are ready to move beyond traditional on-campus living. With a modern design, superior amenities, and 5-star standards of service, Uncommon Miami will offer these students a place to live and grow, without disrupting surrounding single-family neighborhoods. 



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